Science, technology and spirituality are converging so it is time to re-think how we gym from the inside out

A soul gym is a place to go within and work from the inside out. Today, when a person wants to find a place to do the inner work, they get directed to a wellness retreat, a yoga studio and/or told to mediate.  But we are finding that is not enough, our souls are aching, and our bodies need support beyond the limitations of Western medicine.  Scientific evidence and esoteric spiritual knowledge are converging to validate or expand our understanding of consciousness and our quantum energy field.  We are evolving who we are and how we can heal ourselves. 

Souljyms are the solution to do the inner work and we have re-invented the physical gym workout zones into a soul-focused gym with soul-inspired workout zones. Souljym is a respite to open your mind, expand your heart and fuel your soul.  Souljym creates a space to do the inner work to get into soul shape.  Part of getting into soul shape is learning to love yourself, know that you are worthy, to work-out your intuitive abilities, and to know your soul purpose.  Souljym blends emerging scientific knowledge on quantum consciousness and the latest in technology to visual aids to feel into the soul to create an inner knowing of who you truly are.

The Concept of a Science, Spirituality and Technology as the foundation of a Soul Gym

The essence of Souljym is a space that incorporates the latest metaphysical science, spirituality and technology to support the soul journey. When venturing into the inner work, the skeptic mind goes on alert and/or is filled with fear or anxiety. Science is the language of making the unknowable knowable, it turns us into believers when we lack faith in our own experiences. Technology allows us to visualize and experience the metaphysical whereas spirituality is the connection to your own essence.


Measure it with Science

Tools to measure the energetic body Tools such as EEGs to track brain waves in meditation, measures for the energy body and chakra alignment, biofeedback, medical intuitive reading to assess your emotional and spiritual health

Feel it in your senses

Heart-centered experiences that will awaken the soul. Feel that you are nourished, creative, and relaxed. No longer need to discount the unexplainable as you will be supported in a like-minded community.


Visualize with Technology

With the aid of technology, our goal is provide opportunities to visualize your energy fields so that not only you can be aware of them, but shape them. Experience in virtual reality, VR, beliefs you want to reshape about what is possible. For example using VR to visualize your health.

Know it in your soul

When we can see, feel and measure, there is an understanding of the inner self to trust the experience. This trust is important to know these experiences are real.