We have solutions to fuel the soul, expand the heart, open the mind, and love the body

Our Mission

Our mission is to make the mystical mainstream by bringing science, technology and spirituality together to rethink how we incorporate this information into our holistic health and well-being.  We want to be at the leading edge of re-shaping the spiritual wellness industry, making it convenient, affordable and accessible.  Soulym will become the guidepost of possibilities and inspire curiosity.  We intend to be a heart-centered company where people feel supported to be their best versions of themselves.  We will create a world-class light-energy team that guides customers to grow beyond their personal limitations.

Souljym is leading an energetic and mindful shift in consciousness and self-discovery.  We intend to be the example of the new developing paradigms of a soul-based abundant economy.  Self-worth, wisdom, integrity, and abundance direct us in expanding ourselves and the people we serve.  The direction of the business is guided by our intuition and have no limits to the possibilities of this business concept.  We have a vision that Souljyms will be the place where you can open your mind to new thoughts, to expand your heart to find compassion for yourself and others, to love your body and to fuel the soul to know that you are enough and capable of so much more.

And, when you want something, all the universe
conspires in helping you to achieve it.
— Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

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Leslie Bennett, President

Leslie lost her husband in 2014 when an out-of-town fall down a flight of stairs resulted with her jumping on plane only to reach him to face a life support decision on his birthday. This life-changing event required her to heal from grief and find a reason to stay on this earth. She went to therapy and supplemented that work with metaphysical sessions, workshops and experiences. From all the out-of-town retreats, hotel conference room workshops, and sessions with healing practitioners she discovered two key things: these options weren’t always convenient or easily accessible; and science and spirituality were converging to validate the unknown.

These experiences led her to create the concept of a gym that is focused on our inner state to support our healing and more importantly a place for days when she got triggered and needed mental, emotional or spiritual support. She is motivated to bring science and spirituality together so that others can benefit from her passion in making the mystical approachable and accessible so that others can use these tools to grow and heal.

Leslie is an experienced leader having held management and executive positions in regulatory affairs at Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Novartis Oncology, Abbvie, and Ardea Biosciences.  She was recognized with President and Leadership Awards for leading change initiatives and leading teams through successful drug submissions.  She built a reputation as an innovative solutions-oriented leader whose strategies have shortened development times, saved on development costs or increased sales.  Prior to entering the pharmaceutical industry, Leslie had her own successful law practice specializing in business and bankruptcy litigation. She also became certified in past-life regressions.

As a leader, Leslie has blended her professional background and emotional experiences to create a new evolved way of leading at a conscious level.  She is a demonstration of authentic leadership and inspires others to bring out their best in themselves.   She is committed to exploring the unknown possibilities of life and to live limitlessly.

You can keep up with Leslie in her weekly blog.