Getting into Soul Shape™

How we treat ourselves, talk to ourselves, and nurture ourselves impacts our soul shape. It is who we are on the inside and how we choose to act. It is the energetic body that knows when danger is lurking or feels excitement at unwrapping a gift. It can also go numb to avoid negative events or emotions. The soul body needs to exercise and work out its muscles just like the physical body. The soul workout is learning to tune back into ourselves with our innate intuition in order to grow and develop our soul’s divine purpose. In Leslie’s (one of the founders) healing journey, she discovered that she had 6 core soul muscles that needed to be worked on as part of her healing journey. When her husband died, it illuminated how out of shape these soul muscles were and in need of healing.



Learn to flex your intuitive muscles. It starts with learning to trust that inner voice that guides you. There are exercises and experiences where you can increase your intuitive abilities and develop your 6th senses. No longer will you need to discount or explain away what you believe or know you experienced.


We live in a time where many of us doubt that we are enough. We feel that are not worthy of love, good marriage, job, getting into the right school, etc. Confidence can often masks our lack of self-worth. This soul muscle is a core muscle to move from self-doubt to self-worth. You are worthy of healing and so much more.


This soul muscle has many layers. It requires that you stop judging yourself and be kind to yourself. This muscle also needs you to regain your power by not looking for love externally. If you don’t love yourself why should anyone else? Learn to tune into your emotional compass to express love for yourself and others without judgment.


This muscle builds on the love muscle and seeks to connect you to universal love. Connecting to your higher self to find your inner peace. When in peak spiritual fitness you experience oneness and harmony within you and with the world.


Balance is all about your vibrational set point. When getting into soul shape you will become aware of energetic imbalances. These imbalances are light and dark vibration that are created in conscious thoughts and emotions. Disease has dark vibration and can occur when we are out of balance with our lighter vibration thoughts and emotions.


Letting go of fear is a challenging muscles to work on. It is intertwined with many of the other soul muscles. When you live fearlessly, you gain alignment with your soul purpose. You may not know what that purpose is specifically but when more forward without fear you gain an internal knowing that you are always at the right place at the right time.