We want you to be part of our team!

We are building world-class Souljyms that allow light-energy warriors to shine their talents into lifting humanity into soul shape. We want you to come do your best work with the brightest heart-centered lightworkers in the wellness industry.

If you are attracted to working at Souljym, then you have a calling to help others.  You have a yearning to be part of a team of divine disruptors that work collectively to make the remarkable happen. If this longing is touching your heart, then it is our desire to talk to you about joining the tribe.


What We Value

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Think Limitlessly

We act without fear to experience the freedom of possibilities and synchronicities.


Allow Wisdom and Growth

We allow wisdom by listening and following inspiration. We support our continuous curiosity into the unknown to build our knowledge.


Know our Worthiness

We are worthy to help others and in doing so we act with integrity and without judgment.


Follow your Heart

Our focus is on being wholehearted and to decipher from that which does not serve us or others.


Our Promise

In full transparency, we are awaiting funding and in search of a location prior to hiring the full team.  We can’t wait for those two things to happen before we meet the rest of our tribe. We hope that you share our same enthusiasm and want to keep the momentum going with the hiring process. Our goal is to get Souljym opened rapidly by bringing qualified individuals on quickly. The universal energies are working to make this happen and request that you add your energies to the momentum. 

We don’t have a timetable for when we will be able to hire, except in our mind’s eye it was yesterday. Be the first to know when we begin hiring by indicating your interest at: careers@meaanimea.com. We will respond to you.

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