Souljym is the place to work on your inner you!

Souljym is a space created to heal or improve your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. The gym is designed to maximize development, expansion and/or nourishment of the soul by providing different types of heart-centered experiences. We have designed the gym into 5 different workout zones. Each zone brings science, spirituality and technology information together in order to enhance the soul shape workout.




Scientific studies on meditation have shown improvements in emotional well-being, brain function, and a healthier body. The gym mediation spaces are enhanced with the use of sound, color, or nature elements. In addition, there will be opportunities to measure brain waves during mediation not only because it’s cool, but to validate your experience in deep meditative states. Meditation will be able to use current augment reality technologies to enhance the outcome of your practice. The meditations of the gym will be both guided and non-guided. The sample schedule below is what one day may look like at the gym



The nature of the cosmos is vibration so the design will support the innate power of sound and vibration so that you feel it.  We plan to use the latest in Acoustic Resonance Technology to so the sound resonates through their entire body and mind. 


Halotherapy involves breathing salty air. Research has shown some promise in treating respiratory conditions, such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, and allergies.  You will like feeling relaxed regardless of the lack of scientific evidence in treating conditions.


Chromotherapy is a centuries-old method of treatment that uses the visible spectrum (colors) of electromagnetic radiation to cure various diseases due. Scientist have conjectured that color is a quantum state of matter and the vibration of color can be applied to the body.   The body craves color like the body craves certain foods.


Depending upon the size of the location, experiences in nature, water, or hammocks could be used.  We will blend science, and spirituality to provide unique meditative experiences. 

Mind/Body Movement


The brain is a complex organ of the nervous system that has many intricate components. Everything we do is either promoting a healthy brain or injuring it. Mind body movement such as yoga can cause changes to the neural circuitry, the neuroplasticity, of the brain. Scientific studies have shown that we can rewire our brain when we unify the body with the conscious mind giving us a sense of self-empowerment and fortitude. The gym will explore movement that connects the body with the conscious mind to feel rejuvenated. Additional benefits are a body with more flexibility and strength.



Commonly known mind and body movement classes are Yoga, Tai Chi and QiGong.  Pilates will also be included.


Dances from various cultures can rewire the brain and make the heart sing. Some tribal dances can create a trance-like state as if in  meditation.  


Explore new ways to make mind and body connections such as combining music and movement in mindful drumming and somatic movement.

Cooking & Nutrition


There is more to food, how our bodies need it and process it than what we learned about the four basic food groups, the latest fade diet or superfood. We can use the properties of food for healing. When a doctor says more magnesium in your diet, instead of grabbing a pill supplement, learn to cook magnesium-rich recipes. Or when a diagnosis requires altering your diet, cooking and food shopping classes can aid in making changes to back control. The classes will combine the latest nutritional information and the materials in the Medical Medium® to encourage you to use your intuition to make the best choices for you. Whether you are working on a particular organ, disease, deficiency or just want to improve your overall health, the cooking classes within the gym are designed to support members in their healing and well-being

happy-friends-and-chef-cook-cooking-in-kitchen-picture-id485286424 (2).jpg


Learn to make life-style changes that you are being called to make as part of your soul work. Breaking old habits can be difficult, these classes can support the bridge from the old you to the new you


Take back control from a chronic or life-threatening diagnosis can feel over-whelming. Food can be a tool to help fight back when you get trained to use it as a tool for health and nourishing the soul.


Undo the damage from not knowing what we know now in science and spirit and take control for the repair and body rebuild.


the Soul

The workshops at the soul jym are intended to explore the depths of the soul to support transformation and healing. The workshops support the issues that you are dealing with in life and are intended to empower you. Topics will include dealing with grief, life transitions, health issues, or spiritual exploration among others. The offerings will generally fall into three categories: creative expression, mystical arts, and transformation.

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Art is both healing and life enhancing. Different classes using creative techniques to examine the soul and to breakthrough on emotional issues will be offered. Classes that create native spiritual tools can enhance manifesting your dreams will also be offered.


Awaken your extrasensory senses and flex your intuitive muscles. These class offerings will support building the intuition muscles, you know those gut feelings that we often think we made up and discount them as real.


Energy medicine work, consciousness studies and spiritual direction soul work can be transformative. These classes are intended to improve personal issues and look deep into the soul.

Metaphysical and Mystical Sessions

Guiding the mind, body and soul

There are numerous studies on the connections between thoughts, emotions, the body, and our consciousness. Healing modalities have been around for centuries and were created to aid in our healing and/or to evolve to new understandings about ourselves. In current society, this is sometimes referred to as complimentary or alternative medicine. The intent of including these modalities in the soul jym is to expand the soul, aid in healing, and/or compliment medical treatments the member is already receiving. There are many types to choose from, each location will have a collection from these different types of modalities.



Stillness modalities are designed to quiet the mind to allow the body to relax and reorganize. In stillness, the body can realign itself to heal from the inside out.  Sessions are designed to release old patterns held in the tissues of the body, our emotions, our minds or in our living spaces.

Examples: craniosacral therapy, space clearing, holographic memory resolution, guided imagery.


Holistic medicine are treatments focused on the optimal functioning of the body and its organs, involving systems of holistic or alternative medicine.  These modalities are a way to check-in with the functions of the body without waiting for the disease to manifest. People are being to intuitive know when they are off, and these treatments can aid internal knowing. 

Examples: Functional Medicine Assessment, Ayuvedic Medicine and Iridology.


These modalities are treatments that focus on creative expression. It utilizes all expressive modalities such as art, music, drama, and movement therapies. The focus of expressive arts therapy is on the therapeutic effect of the creative experience, and it highlights the human capacity to transform thoughts, emotions, and experiences into tangible shapes and forms.

Examples: creating a dreamcatcher, vision board, mind movies, or creation of a personalized aroma.


Energetic/Vibrational modalities address the energetic connections between our minds, bodies, and emotionsl. It seeks to foster flow and abundance among all three. These modalities direct energy to restore the body and raise their vibrational frequency. The use of energy can be done through a healer or with the aid of a device such as a crystal bed. 

Examples: LifeForce® Energy healing, Reiki® healing touch, constellations, crystal bed, EMG Balancing Technique, Chakra Healing.


These modalities focus on the physical manipulation of the body either through alignment, manipulation, cleansing or the meridians (energy lines) of the body.  The body is the primary focus of these treatment modalities. 

Examples: massage, acupuncture, enemas/colonics, rolfing, myofascial stretch, chiropractic, Watsu®, Egyptian healing rods, tapping, and infrared sauna.


These modalities have a spiritual aspect, that is information connected to the unified field of the unknown. 

Examples: numerology, astrology, akashic records, past-life regression, between-lives regression, mediumship, tarot/oracle, psychic, angel or channeled readings.